March 27, 2023
Do You Have Scale Drama?
Written By: Cindy Jensen

Before I stepped on that scale, I was feeling pretty good about myself. I had spent a weekend mindful of what I was eating. Including lots of good, nutritious foods.

When I saw the number, I made it mean so many things about myself.  “something is wrong”, “I thought I was doing good”, “why do I keep trying”, “It doesn’t matter what I do”, “I should give up”, “nothing I do works”, “I’ll never lose this weight” ….

I know better than to fall into scale drama.

I know that the scale is there to give me information.

I know that my health and body size have to do with so much more than a number.

I know that weight fluctuates based on hormones, the atmosphere, my water and salt intake, exercise, muscle gain or loss, how much sleep I’ve gotten, if I’ve traveled, and so much more.

I know that the scale isn’t the whole picture.

I know this! Yet here I was, giving all my power to the scale!

I was in scale drama!

It took the day, but I got back into my mindset that the scale is simply information instead of a measurement of my value.

It helps that I do a fairly decent job of logging my food…. All of it, the tastes, snacks, bites – it keeps me be honest with myself.

So I looked back at my food log and there were treats and snacks and unknown amounts of food I had enjoyed, including some planned and unplanned simple carbs.

I also increased the intensity and time of my exercising that week.

I was able to be truthful with myself and see that there are things I can tweak for the coming week.

But the most important task I had was to get back into loving kindness with myself.

Notice the small changes I had made, the things I have learned, honor the journey I am on.

I want to lose weight. But more importantly, I want to love, respect, and admire myself right where I am, as I am.

There is only one of me, and I have to live every second with this me. I might as well love and respect her the best I can, regardless of scale drama.

If you regularly fall into scale drama, ask yourself why you are weighing yourself.

If you are using it to measure whether you did “good” or “bad” then put the scale away.

Instead, use how you feel in your body as a measure of your progress.

The scale is there as information. Use it as a tool, not a punishment.

Cindy Jensen

March 27, 2023


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