April 19, 2023
Self-Criticism Steals Your Joy
Written By: Cindy Jensen

Have you ever enjoyed a moment, only to look at the pictures later and lose the joy because you are focused on how you look? You are not alone.

One of my clients shared with me an unforgettable experience. She was recognized for accomplishing one of her biggest goals on stage among her peers! She was proud of her hard work because it took so much dedication. She wanted to celebrate her success with the world!

When she received the pictures of her big moment, instead of feeling excited and proud she only saw the weight she’s been struggling to lose. So, the pictures of her most amazing moment are staying locked away.

Many women spend much of their day focused on their weight, feeling self-conscious of how they look, worried about their health, embarrassed of the shape they are in.

I know this feeling well. And diet after diet only makes it more difficult. The solution is not another diet. It is changing your mindset through self-love and new tiny habits. Fully enjoying your life now!

Self-love starts with finding what you love about yourself just as you are. The beauty you hold regardless of the number on the scale. Our biggest critic is ourselves.

Cindy Jensen

April 19, 2023


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