April 5, 2023
What Kind of Evidence are you Creating?
Written By: Cindy Jensen

We create evidence of our potential when use our experiences as a basis for what we believe.

Choose what evidence you are creating!
We all have dreams, goals, and ideas of what we want to achieve.

Yet use our past as evidence as a reason why we aren’t accomplishing what we want.

We abandon the goal so we don’t feel like we failed.

Have you tried to lose weight, gain muscle, be a little healthier, only to fall back into old habits?

When this happens, we tell ourselves that we can’t change, that this is just the way we are.

The key is to make very small changes that are easy and sustainable.

The more you do a tiny, new behavior, the more you are creating evidence that you can do something different.

The key is to start small and be consistent.

And celebrate every small win!

It isn’t about the exercise or the food at first, it’s about deciding on a change, so small, that it is easy to do.

Do the new behavior over and over again until it feels automatic.

Just remember, creating new evidence takes time, so be patient and keep making small changes every day.

Cindy Jensen

April 5, 2023


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